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World Cup of Synthesizers

Oli Freke’s Synthesizer Evolution and WeAre1of100 have teamed up for the World Cup of Synthesizers competition, which starts today (March 8) and runs through Friday, March 12. And a new limited-edition T-shirt featuring eight synth illustrations from Freke’s new book Synthesizer Evolution: From Analogue to Digital (and Back) is on the line. Freke recently spoke with 360°Sound about the book. The eight synths for the shirt will be selected during the World Cup of Synthesizers competition, which will be held on Twitter.

You can vote on @WeAre1of100 Twitter. The tournament field will feature 32 synths made between 1964 and 2000. They’ll go head-to-head with one another. The winner will be crowned the Official Best Synth of All Time. Anyone who votes in any daily Twitter polls will be eligible to win one of the shirts made by WeAre1of100 from a limited-edition run of 100 shirts.


The schedule for the World Cup of Synthesizers is as follows:

March 9: Round One Poll
March 10: Round Two Poll
March 10: Quarter Finals Poll (these 8 synths go on the shirt)
March 11: Semi-Finals Poll
March 12: Finals – poll closes at 3 p.m. (London time)

The 32 vintage synths are as follows:

Group A: ARP Odyssey, Minimoog Model D, Ensoniq ESQ-1, Elka Synthex
Group B: Yamaha DX7, OSCar, Roland Juno 106, Yamaha CS-80
Group C: ARP 2600, Roland Jupiter 8, Oberheim OB-Xa, Casio CZ-1
Group D: NED Synclavier II, Korg MS-20, Access Virus, EDP Wasp
Group E: Roland D-50, Korg Wavestation, Sequential Circuits Prophet 5, Octave The Cat
Group F: Roland SH-101, Korg M1, Korg Mono/Poly, ARP Quadra
Group G: Novation Supernova, EMS VCS-3, Oberheim SEM, Moog Modular
Group H: Fairlight CMI, Crumar Bit One, Roland TB-303, Buchla Music Easel

For more info on the World Cup of Synthesizers and the 32 synths, visit Freke’s Synth Evolution blog.


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