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WATCH: Mélat’s stunning new video “The Lesson”

Austin-based R&B singer-songwriter Mélat has released a Jazz Age-inspired music video for her soulful single, “The Lesson.” Shot in black-and-white at the intimate Austin venue Monks Jazz Club, Mélat sings into a vintage-style mic as the crowd mouths along with the touching lyrics.

“I wanted simplicity for the video,” Mélat, who also directed, wrote on her social media. “In a cozy jazz club, I hearken back to my favorite era of music: ‘30s-‘50s jazz. The video itself asks you to focus on the performance of the song, and not till the end do you get to see all of the beauty of the space we’re in. Because just like life, once you’ve learned the lesson, a whole new world opens up for you.”

Last summer, 360°Sound spoke with the first-generation Ethiopian-American about her blossoming music career (read the full interview at the link below). When asked about “The Lesson,” which had recently been released as a single, Mélat said she was very happy with the results.

“I’m lucky enough to work with some really talented musicians. We got into the studio at Electric Deluxe Recorders [in Austin] and made this masterpiece. I really call it a masterpiece,” Mélat told 360°. “I don’t really get too emotional about things. I’m not really a cry-in-the-movies type girl. But this song really pushes me to my limit. It’s definitely taken on a life of its own, which I’m very thankful for.”

Rave reviews fill the comments section under the “The Lesson” video on YouTube. “Sooo beautiful!!! The aesthetic. The high notes. Yasssss,” wrote Paris Aryanna. “You took us to church on this one. Beautiful song,” wrote Walter Lenoir.

Check out the video below and let us know what you think!

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