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Six-Pack of Beer Songs

Happy National Beer Lovers Day! Not to be confused with National Beer Day (April 7) or International Beer Day (August 6). Last year on International Beer Day, I gave you a 12-pack of beer songs. To mark today’s occasion, an admittedly less well-known beer day, I’ve added a six-pack. Punk rock was noticeably absent from the first batch, so this one has a strong finish of the pungent genre.

The songs are in chronological order beginning with a funny number from New Orleans R&B legend Dave Bartholomew and ending with the full-bodied punk fury of FIDLAR. [Note: To be eligible for selection, the songs had to contain “beer” in both the title and lyrics.] What are you waiting for? Pop open your favorite beer and enjoy these sudsy tunes!

Dave Bartholomew – “Who Drank My Beer (While I Was in the Rear)”

Songwriter: Billy Austin
Genre: R&B
Released: 1952

Lyrics on tap: Who drank my beer while I was in the rear?/Point out that low-down moocher/I’m gonna dislocate his future

Tom Waits – “Warm Beer and Cold Women”

Songwriter: Tom Waits
Genre: Pop/rock/jazz
Released: 1975

Lyrics on tap: Warm beer and cold women, I just don’t fit in/Every joint I stumbled into tonight/That’s just how it’s been

Shelly West – “Somebody Buy This Cowgirl a Beer”

Songwriters: Milton Brown, Steve Dorff and Snuff Garrett
Genre: Country
Released: 1983

Lyrics on tap: Hey bartender bring me a Lonestar brew/Cuz cowgirls like to drink ‘em too

The Adicts – Who Spilt My Beer?

Songwriters: Pete Davison, Mel Ellis and Keith Warren
Genre: Punk
Released: 1985

Lyrics on tap: Who spilt my beer? Who spilt my beer?/I’m asking you to tell the truth,
who spilt my beer?

Fear – “More Beer”

Songwriter: Lee Ving
Genre: Punk
Released: 1985

Lyrics on tap: All I want is more beer/Open up a six-pack I’ll be downin’ it first

FIDLAR – “Cheap Beer”

Songwriters: Zachary Carper, Elvis Kuehn, Max Kuehn and Brandon Schwartzel
Genre: Punk
Released: 2011

Lyrics on tap: I drink cheap beer/So what? Fuck you

If beer is your thing, have a great National Beer Lovers Day. Bottoms up!

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