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Rocktology! – Top Dogs of Rock tourney

Walktology? Barktology? Fetchtology?

In any case, we have crowned the top dog of rock. Led Zeppelin’s “Black Dog” is the alpha dog, but it’s not like the rest of the breed were wearing Milkbone underwear. This one was totally off the leash with lots of compelling matchups and scintillating action. I don’t know, but I’ve been told that Bob, Jimmy and JPJ are thrilled and are filling the water bowls with champagne.

So the dog days of summer pass, riding into September and perhaps native-American summer. We have had our own National Dog Day, honoring canine rockers all around this big dog run we call a country.

Dogs are our pals. Members of the family. Protectors of the family jewels. I hope we’ve made their coats shine with pride. Many thanks to all who helped us get this puppy to rock and roll over. Results are expressed in %. Thanks for giving old Rover some love. Woof.

Final Four

Black Dog (88%) Black Dog (59%)Hair of the Dog (41%)Hair of the Dog (57%)
Givin’ the Dog a Bone (12%)Black DogDiamond Dogs (43%)

Opening Rounds

Black Dog – Led Zeppelin (96%)
Bird Dog – Everly Bros (4%)Black Dog – Led Zeppelin (66%)
Black Dog
By-Tor & The Snow Dog – Rush (94%)By-Tor & The Snow Dog – Rush (34%)
Who Let the Dogs Out? – Baha Men (6%)
Dogs – Pink Floyd (52%)
Hound Dog – Elvis (48%)Dogs – Pink Floyd (49.3%)
Givin’ the Dog a Bone
Sick as a Dog – Aerosmith (41%)Givin’ the Dog a Bone – AC/DC (50.7%)
Givin’ the Dog a Bone – AC/DC (59%)
I Wanna be Your Dog – Stooges (77%)
Dog Days are Over – Florence + The Machine (23%)I Wanna be Your Dog – Stooges (32%)
Hair of the Dog
Hair of the Dog – Nazareth (88%)Hair of the Dog – Nazareth (68%)
Atomic Dog – George Clinton (12%)
Hey Bulldog – The Beatles (63%)
Walkin’ the Dog – Rufus Thomas (37%)Hey Bulldog – The Beatles (33%)
Diamond Dogs
Rain Dogs – Tom Waits (17%)Diamond Dogs – Bowie (67%)
Diamond Dogs – Bowie (83%)