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Dolly Parton & Porter Wagoner – Just Between You And Me


Producer: Bob Ferguson, Porter Wagoner
Liner notes: Alanna Nash
Compilation release date: 2014
Recording date: 1967 – 1974
Packaging: LP-size box set w/ 80-page hardcover book
Label: Bear Family Records
Catalog#: BCD16889



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Everybody loves Dolly. And lots of people love Porter Wagoner. Together they were one of country music’s greatest duos. On this stellar Bear Family compilation you’ll find pretty much everything they ever recorded together, from their first single, “The Last Thing on My Mind,” to four previously unreleased live cuts. It includes 21 timeless hits, like “Holding On To Nothin’,” “Just Someone I Used To Know,” “Daddy Was An Old Time Preacher Man,” and “Making Plans,” as well as the #1 smash “Please Don’t Stop Loving Me.”

You’ll find great deep tracks like “Good as Gold,” “Closer By The Hour,” “Milwaukee Here I Come,” “Once More” and “Before Our Weakness Gets Too Strong.” Not to mention my favorite – the odd little number “Waldo the Weirdo.” There’s 408 minutes of music across 160 recordings contained on these 6 CDs, all carefully remastered by the good folks at Bear Family. This collection contains the complete duet recordings made by Porter & Dolly during their seven-year partnership. It also features an in-depth biography by noted journalist and Dolly Parton biographer, Alanna Nash.

When Dolly was a young girl, she watched The Porter Wagoner Show every week as a fan. When Dolly joined the cast as Porter’s “girl singer” (replacing the popular Norma Jean) and the duo began recording for RCA in 1967, Porter was by far the bigger star. Porter and Dolly had more than just the playfulness and sexual chemistry of Conway Twitty and Loretta Lynn or the high psychodrama of Tammy Wynette and George Jones. Because they were both great songwriters, Porter and Dolly wrote songs that reflected their lives and brought an uncommon variety to their music.

Here are Porter and Dolly and “all the boys” performing their first single “The Last Thing on My Mind” on The Porter Wagoner Show:


Here’s a clip of Dolly singing Jimmie Rodgers’s classic “Muleskinner’s Blues” on The Porter Wagoner Show:

Track Listing

Disc 1

Just Between You And Me
Before I Met You
Two Sides To Every Story
Mommie, Ain’t That Daddy
Four O Thirty Three
Love Is Worth Living
The Last Thing On My Mind
Sorrow’s Tearing Down The House (That Happiness Once Built)
Home Is Where The Hurt Is
This Time Has Gotta Be Our Last Time
Put It Off Until Tomorrow
Because One Of Us Was Wrong
Slip Away Today
Holding On To Nothin’
Just The Two Of Us
Closer By The Hour
Afraid To Love Again
I Washed My Face In The Morning Dew
Jeannie’s Afraid Of The Dark
The Party
I Can
We’ll Get Ahead Someday
The Dark End Of The Street
Somewhere Between
Making Plans
Good As Gold
One By One
Yours Love

Disc 2

Just Someone I Used To Know
No Reason To Hurry Home
Milwaukee, Here I Come
The House Where Love Lives
Why Don’t You Haul Off And Love Me
Mendy Never Sleeps
I Don’t Believe You’ve Met My Baby
Anything’s Better Than Nothing
Always, Always
My Hands Are Tied
There Never Was A Time
Forty Miles From Poplar Bluff
Each Season Changes You
Daddy Was An Old Time Preacher Man
Tangled Vines
We Can’t Let This Happen To Us
Tomorrow Is Forever
Silver Sandals
No Love Left
I’m Wasting Your Time And You’re Wasting Mine
Run That By Me One More Time
It Might As Well Be Me
I Know You’re Married But I Love You Still
Fight And Scratch
A Good Understanding

Disc 3

Once More
Ragged Angel
Before Our Weakness Gets Too Strong
Let’s Live For Tonight
One Day At A Time
There’ll Be Love
Daddy Did His Best
Possum Holler
The Fighting Kind
All I Need Is You
Curse Of The Wild Weed Flower
Today, Tomorrow And Forever
The Flame
Her And The Car And The Mobile Home
Is It Real
Two Of A Kind
The Pain Of Loving You
Better Move It On Home
The Right Combination
Burning The Midnight Oil
Love’s All Over
Take Away
You And Me, Her And Him
How Close They Must Be
On And On
More Than Words Can Tell
In Each Love Some Pain Must Fall

Disc 4

Anyplace You Want To Go
Somewhere Along The Way
The Fog Has Lifted
Looking Down
If You Go, I’ll Follow You
Waldo The Weirdo
I’ve Been This Way Too Long
Lost Forever In Your Kiss
Sounds Of Nature
Through Thick And Thin
We Found It
Poor Folks Town
Together You And I
Together Always
Ten Four-Over And Out
There’s Singing On The Mountain
Say Forever You’ll Be Mine
That’s When Love Will Mean Most
Love Have Mercy On Us
Sweet Rachel Ann
Satan’s River
I Am Always Waiting
I’ve Been Married (Just As Long As You Have)
Little David’s Harp
Between Us
Love City
In The Presence Of You

Disc 5

How Can I (Help You Forgive Me)
Come To Me
Laugh The Years Away
There’ll Always Be Music
I Have No Right To Care
Beneath The Sweet Magnolia Tree
Love Is Out Tonight
If Teardrops Were Pennies
I Get Lonesome By Myself
Sounds Of Night
Wasting Love
All Aboard America
Here Comes The Freedom Train
Too Far Gone
Something To Reach For
The Fire That Keeps You Warm
Without You
Sixteen Years
Carolina Moonshiner
If You Say I Can
The Power Of Love
The Beginning
Please Don’t Stop Loving Me

Disc 6

Life Rides The Train
Hide Me Away
We’d Have To Be Crazy
Love To See Us Through
If You Were Mine
Our Love
Is Forever Longer Than Always
I Learned It Well
Touching Memories
In The Morning
About Susanne, About Your Man
A Fool Like Me
Someone Just Like You
Golden Streets Of Glory
Twin Mounds Of Clay
Don Howser makes Presentation
Run That By Me One More Time (live)
Jeannie’s Afraid Of The Dark (live)
Tomorrow Is Forever (live)
Two Sides To Every Story (live)


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