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On Disc – New Madonna #1s Deluxe Edition

Madonna – Finally Enough Love: 50 Number Ones

Rhino/Warner Records
release date: 19 August 2022

While Madonna wasn’t the originator of the limited edition craze, you’d be hard-pressed to find any other artist who’s cashed in as effectively on the concept as the Material Girl. Her infamous 1992 book Sex sold out its initial run of 1.5 million copies and still hasn’t seen another printing thirty years later.

The deluxe vinyl edition of her latest hits repackage, Finally Enough Love, is indeed limited – more like, impossible to find on the primary market. According to label Rhino/Warner, all copies sold out its first day of pre-order. As a result, secondary market prices are insane – some sellers on Discogs are asking north of $1,000. The set includes six black and six red 12″ records, six black sleeves, six picture sleeves and a twelve-page deluxe booklet showcasing the 50 singles covers.

To be clear, this is a dance music compilation. It includes Madonna’s #1 hits that charted on the U.S. Billboard Dance Club Songs chart. Her most recent #1, 2022’s “I Don’t Search I Find,” marked Madge’s record 50th #1 on a single Billboard chart.

There are a number of different editions of this collection. There’s a knock-down 16-track, 2LP version, on silver or red vinyl. There’s a 3-CD deluxe version, as well as a single CD version of the 16-track edition. You can also purchase it in hi-rez FLAC files.

I was lucky to get in on the pre-order, so I only had to hand the Queen of Pop the $179 MSRP for the deluxe vinyl set. Surprisingly I can report it was worth the money. It’s a truly stunning, eminently collectible release, featuring a fantastic package and a ton of great remixes. The remixes sound terrific, and for true fans it’s a dream to hear beautiful remasters of songs that haven’t been released in physical or digital formats in years.

I’m not sure if it warrants the sky-high secondary market prices, but if you can locate copies closer to the original price tag, it’s certainly worth it. More prudent fans can grab the 3-CD edition for about $30.

Following is a heaping helping of mixes that made the artist’s tightly curated cut. From “Holiday” to “I Don’t Search I Find,” if this isn’t Finally Enough already, go grab a copy in your favored format and you can dance.

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