LISTEN: The Powell Brothers’ new single “Buy a Ticket”


Texas country trio The Powell Brothers have released “Buy a Ticket,” a new single about the joys of spontaneous travel. The catchy, rockin’ tune was co-written by lead singer/guitarist Taylor Powell and bassist/guitarist Blake Powell. The Houston-based band’s discography now includes 10 singles, 4 EPs, and 1 full-length LP. Known by their Texas country peers as “road dogs,” The Powell Brothers play about 150 shows across 25 states each year.

“I’ve always been a fan of both the act and the concept of travel,” Taylor Powell told 360°Sound. “There are a million reasons why I like it, and I expect travel to be a motif that we will be singing and writing about for our whole career. With “Buy A Ticket,” we mostly specifically sing of the adventure aspect of travel and creating memories.”

Powell said he’s always liked the idea of walking into an airport and buying a ticket on the next flight out, not caring where the plane is going. It’s an opportunity for a new experience, be it alone, with a friend, or with your significant other.

“Just the act in itself is a memory,” Powell said. “Being thrown into the unplanned, making the most of the moment. Many of my favorite memories are from when plans fell apart and we had to wing it.”

He gave the example of a time when The Powell Brothers flew to a show in the Mountain West. When they arrived at the airport, they found out they’d booked tickets to the wrong city, hours away from where they needed to be.

“Long story short, we were on a time crunch and the only way to make our event on time was to take our flight, rent a car, and drive the 10 hours through the mountains of Montana,” Powell said. “As stressful as the whole ordeal was, it was one of the most memorable and amazing drives we’ve ever taken. It’s an adventure we wouldn’t have otherwise gone on.”

Especially after being quarantined at home for months, buying a ticket going anywhere sounds all the more enticing, Powell added.

Click here to buy a ticket to one of The Powell Brothers’ upcoming gigs.

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