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HUSK’s “Feeling Heat”

Alfie Austin of HUSK

I’m pleased to share with you a new single you will most certainly enjoy. “Feeling Heat” is by Manchester UK’s HUSK and is now available via AnalogueTrash for your listening pleasure. HUSK have recently signed with Manchester’s AnalogueTrash to great indie fanfare and squeals of delight.

Feeling Heat” is a bit of an homage to late-70s disco and the synth pop of the 80s. The lyrics relate to the systemic stress that permeates our lives, which we can all relate to in these jacked-up times. But it pushes an uplifting groove to help us all shake and shimmy off our cares.

I liked this track from the drop of the virtual needle. It gives me that 1985 feeling – Iran-Contra is boiling over, but I’m in this dance club called B’zar guzzling cheap drinks and thumping to the club mix. The groove reminds me of early Reggie Lucas-produced Madonna tracks like “Think of Me” and “Burning Up.” But the lyrics paint with a different brush. I like the expression of a sort of melancholy (“I’m sickly and yellow”), but with a super-heavy groove and great high-frequency blonde highlights.

Dig it and, like me, I’m sure you’ll be asking, “When are AnalogueTrash dropping more HUSK tracks?” Cause everybody’s feeling heat, everybody’s feeling heat…

Remember, it’s out NOW! Check it here: https://www.analoguetrash.com/release/husk-feeling-heat


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