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Fall release for ‘Ice Ice Baby’ doc

Rob Van Winkle (aka Vanilla Ice) announced on his Instagram account yesterday that the documentary Ice Ice Baby: The Truth will be released this fall.

Last month, 360°Sound interviewed Frank Licari, who directed the film. Licari told us the film will “tell the truth on all sides” about Van Winkle’s meteoric rise, sudden fall and current resurgence.

According to Licari, “The only way to make a true documentary like this is to take all sides of the story, present the facts, and let the audience make their own conclusions. At least that’s the way that I prefer to tell a story personally, and that’s the path that we took on this.”

“This is gonna be a complete documentary bringing back the ‘90s,” Van Winkle said in his 72-second Instagram video. “That decade was the greatest decade ever, before computers ruined the world. We’re gonna get everybody dancing again and enjoying life. Isn’t that what we’re supposed to do anyway? What are we doing here if we can’t have fun?”

The film tells the story of the legendary hip-hop track, including the sampling controversy involving Queen and David Bowie’s “Under Pressure,” as well as the backlash Van Winkle experienced shortly after he shot to fame in 1990. The film also covers Van Winkle’s upbringing in Dallas and Miami, among other aspects of his life.

“We’re excited to see what kind of life [the film] will have,” director Licari said. “Isn’t it amazing that we are still talking about [“Ice Ice Baby”] and still interested in what happened 30 years later?!”

Here’s the trailer for Licari’s film:

In his Instagram video, Van Winkle also commented on the report that a Vanilla Ice biopic, said to be starring Dave Franco, is in the works. The film, reportedly titled Extreme, is currently in early pre-production. Franco recently spoke for the first time about playing Vanilla Ice in an interview with Insider.

Van Winkle said Franco is a “great guy and super talented” before cracking, “Dave, you better learn how to dance. You better get some rhythm, bro.”

“You better learn how to build some houses and do some construction. You gotta get your hands dirty,” added the 52-year-old Palm Beach County, Fla. resident with a laugh. Van Winkle has starred in the home renovation reality show The Vanilla Ice Project for nine seasons.

Van Winkle was also in the news recently regarding a controversial Independence Day concert he scheduled at a venue near Austin, Texas. He was quoted as saying, “The 90s were the best. We didn’t have coronavirus, or cell phones, or computers.” The event was subsequently canceled, as a surge in virus infections swept through Texas. Van Winkle was later contrite concerning his role in the canceled event.

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