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Classic Disc: Tori Amos’s ‘Under the Pink’

Producers: Eric Rosse & Tori Amos

Singles:  “Cornflake Girl,” “God,” “Pretty Good Year,” “Past the Mission”
Release date: 1 February 1994
Label: Atlantic
Catalog#: 82567-2

The Skinny: This was a huge multi-platinum record for Tori Amos. Its unique chord structures and occasional dissonance, along with her lyrical style and melodic tendencies, give Pink a Joni Mitchell flavor. This release firmly established Amos as one of the important pop songwriters of the ’90s, one who many refer to as simply “Tori.”

Sounds like: Joni Mitchell, Joan Osborne, Sarah McLachlan, Carole King, Kate Bush, Bjork, Rickie Lee Jones, Regina Specktor, Annie Lennox

Deeper Thoughts: People often ask me what kind of music I like. It’s a hard question that I’ve traditionally struggled to answer. Spending some time with Under the Pink helped me figure that shit out. I like any kind of music that grooves. The memorable singles from this record – “God” and “Cornflake Girl” – are risky and challenging, but have a deep groove that sets them apart from the rest of the songs in this collection. Most of the stuff here is virtuosic piano introspection, performed by a thoughtful, world-class artist, but it’s easy to get lost in the weeds, until those two tunes smash through and command your attention.

The Sonics: The dynamic sonic range on this disc, from delicate keyboard explorations to brash experimental alternative rock, will give your rig a workout. The vocal-centric songs provide ample space for Tori’s dynamic, emotional expression. In truth, both the CD and streams tend to thin out on the low frequencies, but on headphones, in full CD resolution, is the best way to enjoy this recording. There is sonic and lyrical detail that you don’t want to miss.

I’ll take Pink for $400, please

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