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Classic Disc: L7’s ‘Hungry for Stink’

by Ari Karnezis

Hungry for Stink – L7

producer: L7, GGGarth

Singles: “Andres,” “Stuck Here Again,” “Can I Run”
Fave album track: “Questioning My Sanity”
Release date:12 July 1994
Label: Slash/Reprise
CD catalog#: 9 45624-2

The Skinny: The follow-up to L7’s 1992 breakthrough, Bricks Are Heavy, this dirty punk album didn’t exactly open the door to new fans at the time of its release, but it’s now part of the basic library for L7 loyalists, hardcore punks, and riot grrls.

Sounds Like: Nirvana, Sonic Youth, Pixies, Babes in Toyland, 7 Year Bitch, Bikini Kill

Deeper Thoughts: Listeners who don’t know L7’s music are kindly asked to let this one marinate a bit. The band are not afraid to challenge their audience. The lead single, “Andres,” eases you in, but there is bone-crushing rock lurking throughout these twelve tracks. Criminally underrated in its time, it is now deservedly rising in stature as L7 are recognized for their musical and cultural contribution to the ’90s and the riot grrl scene. Once you’ve seasoned your ears to Donita Sparks’s screeching and Suzi Gardner’s growling, you will appreciate the twin-guitar, bass & drums power of this recording and the strength of the hard-hitting, downright kick-ass women who created it.

The Sonics: Give this disc a few listens to let it really clinch. Every effect, guitar riff, bass slap, etc was intended to be experienced in the CD format. Loud, powerful, frantic, extreme and as paranoid as the lyrics, the loudness of this disc properly matches the band’s attitude and style. Rub it all over you and worry about the shower later.


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