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CD Junkies: Collector Melina Richart

It’s not easy bein’ green. I imagine it’s also not easy to put Kermit the Frog in various poses as he holds CDs. But Melina Richart accomplishes just that on a regular basis. Her Kermit and CD-themed Instagram account @i.love.cd has amassed over 1,000 followers since its launch at the start of the pandemic in March 2020. Richart, 42, lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where Kermit the Frog is known as “La Rana René.” In this second entry of our new CD Junkies series, we spoke with Richart about her popular Instagram account and her love of CDs.

360°Sound: Tell us a little about how you came up with the idea for an Instagram account with Kermit the Frog posing with CDs.

Melina Richart: I love Muppets, especially René (Kermit). I also love music and enjoy listening to CDs sitting with my husband next to René in our living room. In quarantine times, observing René while we listened to the CDs, we began to place the CD cases in his hands. He looked very well guarding the boxes, and we took photos of him – every day, a CD from our collection and René in a different pose. It was a lot of fun, and we decided to share it on Instagram.

You have over 1,000 followers, and a lot of IG users comment on your posts. Tell us a little about the success of the account and what the response has been like.

The success of the account is not in the number of followers, but in giving joy, fun, inspiration and music every day. Every comment, every “like,” and everyone who enjoys a post makes me very happy. If someone listens to a CD with which René poses, that’s wonderful; that’s the real success for my @i.love.cd account, for my René the Frog, and for me.

How long have you been collecting CDs?

I’ve been collecting CDs for almost 30 years. Oh! That’s a long time! [laughs]

About how many CDs do you own?

I have exactly 2,014 CDs, all in perfect condition.

What do you love about CDs?

I love music and I listen to it in all its formats. Of the CD, I love its crystalline sound, the absence of noise between song and song. I love that they are sturdy and durable. I like that the CDs are easily portable. I love its packaging. I think the CD is really a portable “artwork.”

What are some favorite genres and who are some of your favorite artists?

My favorite genres are pop, rock, Britpop and electronic music. My favorite artists are Queen, U2, Oasis, Depeche Mode, Soda Stereo, Madonna and Taylor Swift.

Do you have any particularly rare CDs? What are some of your most prized CDs?

All the CDs in my collection are important and precious to me. I could mention Crazy World by The Scorpions, the first CD I bought, one afternoon with my cousin Lala after leaving school. I will never forget the joy I felt when I came home and listened to it.

Where do you buy CDs?

I have bought in stores in my city for a long time and in stores in other countries when I travel. I have bought at fairs. Today, I also buy a lot online. I buy new CDs and some used CDs but in excellent condition.

Do you plan to continue adding to your CD collection?

I think I will never stop buying CDs. I dream of the return of Oasis and the release of a new album. I’d run to buy that CD!

For more great photos of Kermit (or René) with CDs, head over to Richart’s IG page @i.love.cd. Stay tuned to 360° for more exclusive interviews with CD collectors from all over the world.

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