About Us

Chris Bisha, director, publisher, editor-in-charge
David Hopper, deputy editor
Phil Childers, special projects consultant
Brian Ashley & Jerry Blakeslee, web design
current contributors: David Hopper, Chris Bisha, Alex Beene, Mark Seaman, Kelly Kling
legacy contributions: Kevin Frick, Phil Childers, Leo Cahalan, Ari Karnezis, Joe Grimley

Mission Statement: Music. Hearing and listening. Reading and writing. Sitting and spinning.

We’re based in Detroit & Austin and we’re writing about music. Our favorite way to hear recorded music is on a disc (preferably “compact”) that spins on a platter. We’re veterans of the music business, with more than 30 years involved in CD playback gear for hifi and jukeboxes.

We encourage you to listen critically to the music you love. Compare the sonic character of your favorite music in a variety of formats. Develop a lexicon to help you describe what you hear and experience.

We’re openly sharing our music fandom. Opinions, lists, interviews, performance notes, reviews & newsy bits. We also get our jollies running bracket tournaments – we call it RocktologyWe’re even selling CDs to the vinyl-fatigued.

We hope our spin on music and the industry will enhance your modern lifestyle.

Contact us:
via phone it’s +1 248-541-6300
via email it’s enco360sound@gmail.com