Music. Sounds coming from all directions. Listening comparatively. Dancing about architecture.

It’s pretty simple: We’re based in Detroit. We’re writing about music. And our favorite way to hear recorded music is on a disc (preferably “compact”) that spins on a platter. We’re veterans of the music business, having spent almost 30 years involved with playback gear for hifi and jukeboxes.

We encourage you to listen critically to the music you love. Compare the sonic character of your favorite music in a variety of formats. Develop a lexicon to help you describe what you hear and experience.

We’re openly sharing our music fandom. Opinions, eyewitness gig notes, newsy bits and some fun lists. We hope our spin on music and the industry will enhance your modern lifestyle.

Contact us:
via phone it’s +1 248-541-6300
by email it’s enco360sound@gmail.com