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Threefer Thanksgiving: Tinashe

by Kelly Kling

I was a junior in college when Tinashe’s best-known radio hit, “2 On” ft. SchoolBoy Q, was released. This classically upbeat and catchy club tune quickly became a regular in my music rotations, whether I was pumping myself up for an early morning test or getting ready for a late night of partying. After diving deeper into her discography, I discovered that there is a Tinashe song for every mood, and she has been a part of my life’s soundtrack ever since.

Despite releasing four studio albums and dropping numerous great singles since then, Tinashe has flown below the radar in popular music culture. I’m here to give credit where it’s due, because her voice is nothing short of angelic and her range is top-notch. If you need to feel flashy, sassy, or sentimental, Tinashe’s got you. Here are three of my favorite Tinashe jams:

“No Drama” ft. Offset

I wouldn’t say “No Drama” has been the theme of 2020, but it’s been a regular play on my Spotify regardless. As a hip-hop dancer, I’ve got nothing but love for the killer choreography in this video, and the outfits and set remind me of a time when I could actually dance in clubs.


Earlier this year (who knows when exactly as time in 2020 is a blur), I was sitting around doing nothing when I got a notification that Tinashe was going live on Instagram. I tuned in, and much to my delight, she was teaching a dance routine to her new single, “Rascal.” After learning the routine, I went to watch the video. It has the same fresh energy as the routine she taught—an energy she’s been able to unabashedly harness since leaving her label, RCA, in early 2019.

“Like I Used To”

From Tinashe’s 2018 album Nashe, this is my deep cut of the year. She expresses the vulnerability in knowing you’ll be alright without someone, but still yearning for them just the same. I’ve spent a lot of time this year yearning for pre-pandemic times, but regardless, I’ll do my best to survive and thrive until post-pandemic times.

Let the beautiful and dynamic Tinashe carry you through Thanksgiving weekend. Happy Holidays!